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Spreading the joy of roses is at the very heart of what we are passionate about at English Roses.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to send rose gifts. Friends, family and loved ones can all enjoy the natural beauty & perfume of English Roses, which only improve year on year. We think there in no better way to mark an occasion, remember a loved one or simple to reflect on a moment in time than with a beautiful living rose.

Founder Dan Myatt set up English Roses with the express purpose of spreading the joy of roses and to encourage people to take pleasure in the natural world around us.

With this in mind we grow all of our own roses at our nursery on the edge of the South Downs in West Sussex. Here the team at english roses use traditional techniques to produce roses we know you will love.

A few facts about how we grow our roses…

Outside Rose

We grow our roses outside

This means we are less intensive in our production.

Our roses are surrounded by space and fresh air. Fewer pests means our plants are healthier, happier and greener.

We do not use heat large greenhouses burning unnecessary carbon fuels.

Peat free compost

We use peat free compost

With years of experience we know what does grow well in peat free compost and what doesn’t. Luckily roses love 100% peat free compost.

Peat free compost means we are not depleting peat bogs which fullfill a very important ecological role.

Our compost use recycled wood and bark fibre which will improve the moisture retention of your garden soil.

No single use plastics

It’s pretty indefensible to be creating unwanted waste when alternatives are available so…

Our plant pots are made from recycled plastics and can be put into your recycle bin.

Our packaging is manufactured from recycled paper and card.

If your are looking at our roses and thinking they look particularly good, there is a reason. Not only do we go to great lengths when selecting and planting our roses, but we also water all of our roses with spring water. The natural minerals in our water make for amazing healthy roses, and also a pretty good cup of tea!

Brilliant Sweet Dream Rose
Brilliant Sweet Dream Rose
Special Daughter Rose
Special Daughter Rose
To My Wonderful Wife Rose
To My Wonderful Wife Rose


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