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Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are perfect for giving your garden a vertical accent. Climbers grow upwards, between 2 and 4 metres tall, and most varieties repeat flower throughout the season. They are able to cover walls and fences, or be trained around arches, arbours and obelisks. With plenty of colour options, these versatile roses give height interest to any outdoor space, bringing charm and elegance with them.

Buy Climbing Roses UK

Delivered in compostable packaging and grown in peat free compost, our climbing roses are delivered straight to the door. Attractive to bees, butterflies, and other insects, our roses are sure to enhance any garden, thus bringing colour and life to your outdoor space.

We offer fast and affordable national UK delivery, with next day and named day options also available. A personal and thoughtful gift already, we also offer gift wrap options and personalised messages to make these rose gifts uniquely yours.

Where Should I Plant A Climbing Rose?

Climbing roses make wonderful additions to the garden, and can be used in a variety of ways. Even the smallest outdoor space can have a wall or fence covered with a climbing rose, bringing colour and life to an otherwise plain area.

Let their glorious flowers surround you as you stand under arches and pergolas smothered in their bright and sunny blooms. Marvel in all directions at their beauty, and smell their heavenly scent.

Sitting under an arbour, teeming with flowers all around, is an unrivalled joy. Sit peacefully and connect with nature, and so take a moment to delight at the roses in full bloom. Experience the bees buzzing busily in the flowers, and be proud in the knowledge that this hub of wildlife thrives in your garden.

Best Climbing Roses For Gifts

A sustainable way to show your love, climbing roses make fantastic gifts. High Hopes Rose is aptly named as it climbs high in your garden with its delicate pink flowers. A beautiful rose for expressing your excitement and enthusiasm, thus making it the ideal gift for a graduation, new job, promotion, or any life achievement.

Golden Showers Rose literally does just that; showing your garden in gloriously sunny golden blooms. Perfect for a housewarming or congratulations gift, this beautiful rose will surely bring joy for years to come.

The Compassion Rose would be a fitting tribute as a memorial to a lost love one; climbing over an arbour so you have a beautiful place to sit and remember them. Let their memory shine brightly from on high for all to see, thus ensuring they will never be forgotten.

Perfect Climbing Rose Gifts

Make your climbing rose even more special by choosing it to be planted in our beautiful willow baskets! Expertly planted by our specialist rose care team, your rose will be patio ready in its durable yet attractive basket. Simply choose your rose and follow the on screen prompts, and we do the rest! A stunning way to present your roses, it is sure to be cherished by friends and family.

Not sure which climbing rose to get as a gift? Why not choose from our range of gift cards and letterbox gifts. Our letterbox gifts give the recipient everything they will need to choose and grow a rose of their choice, all sent in a beautifully packaged box. Or, choose and personalise a thoughtful e-gift card for an instant and hassle-free gift!

Still not sure about the perfect rose? Contact us and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise!

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In StockClimbing Arthur Bell Rose

Climbing Arthur Bell Rose


Let the Climbing Arthur Bell Rose grow tall and bloom into beautiful fragrant flowers. The deep yellow petals fade to a soft cream with age, and produces a strong sweet scent. Perfect for creating a s

In StockClimbing Blue Moon Rose

Climbing Blue Moon Rose


Let the Climbing Blue Moon Rose grow tall and bloom into beautiful scented purple flowers. The lilac-mauve petals and glossy foliage creates a stunning, fragrant display. Perfect for arches, arbours,

In StockDeep Love Rose

Deep Love Rose


With its raspberry red petals creating striking ball shaped flowers, this majestic rose is sure to be a firm favourite in any garden. Deep Love will climb happily up arbours and arches, the bright blo

In StockDublin Bay Rose

Dublin Bay Rose


With its striking large red blooms, this beautiful climber is sure to brighten up any garden space. Dublin Bay Rose is a fantastic variety that will climb up medium walls and fences to create a stunni

In StockChawton Cottage Rose

Chawton Cottage Rose

Treat a loved one to this sensational climbing rose. Chawton Cottage rose produces masses of soft pearl-pink blooms with a rich ruby red centre, and a sweet perfume to enchant any garden. This living

In StockCompassion Rose

Compassion Rose

Whether you are choosing a gift to send or buying for your own sentiment, Compassion rose will bring lasting comfort, joy and colour to any garden year after year. As this rose bursts into life with i

In StockPerpetually Yours Rose (English Roses)

Perpetually Yours Rose


Perpetually Yours Rose is the ideal gift to send to your soulmate. This climbing rose will cover arches and arbours with masses of highly scented, beautiful flowers. Cream coloured with hints of lemon

In StockGolden Showers Rose

Golden Showers Rose

Celebrate special occasions with a gift that will be remembered. Golden Showers Rose is a wonderful choice to help a special couple celebrate their wedding anniversary. This rose would be perfect for

Gold Standard Award WinnerIn StockDancing Queen Rose (English Roses)

Dancing Queen Rose

Dancing Queen is a Gold Standard award winner, and for good reason. The bright pink flowers are mildly scented, and produced in abundance throughout the summer and autumn. Perfect for growing against

In StockLucy In The Sky Rose

Lucy In The Sky Rose


Lucy In The Sky Rose is an outstanding climbing variety. Watch in delight as the magnificent pink blooms emerge in the spring; the large, old-fashioned rosette-shaped flowers making a statement for al

Bee Friendly!In StockOh Wow Rose

Oh Wow! Rose


This rose is aptly named; anyone who sees it immediately thinks "Oh wow!" The striking blooms are striped purple and white, and repeat flower throughout the summer. Its sweet and apple-like fragrance

Gold Standard Award WinnerGardeners Glory Rose

Gardeners’ Glory Rose

This Gold Standard Rose truly is a Gardeners Glory. Wonderfully fragrant yellow flowers bloom repeatedly through the season, creating a delight for all the senses. An outstanding rose, this would make

Rose of the year 2017In StockScent from Heaven Rose (English Roses)

Scent From Heaven Rose

Award Winner Rose of the Year 2017, Scent From Heaven is an incredible rose. The highly scented,  large flowers are a striking orange, and flower freely throughout summer and autumn. This climbing ro

Golden Perfume Rose, yellow bloom with green leaves

Golden Perfume Rose


This delightful climbing rose would make a stunning gift for friends and family. With its bright and sunny flowers, and captivating strong scent, it is sure to be a favourite in any garden. Train over

In Stock Sale! Lilac Bouquet Rose (English Roses)Sale!

Lilac Bouquet Rose


Send love over the miles with Lilac Bouquet! This beautiful climber is rarely without flower, and has very few thorns. The lilac flowers have a sweet, almost violet-like fragrance, and the golden stam

Love Knot

Love Knot Rose

What better way to say "I love you" than with a traditional red rose! Love Knot has glorious crimson red blooms that flower all season long, making it the perfect gift for showing your love in blooms.

In StockHigh Hopes Rose

High Hopes Rose


Treat a loved one to this sensational climbing rose. High Hopes Rose produces masses of soft pink blooms and a sweet perfume to enchant any garden. This living gift is a delight to give for a special

Penny Lane Rose

Penny Lane Rose

Rose of the Year 1998 and Gold Standard Award winner, Penny Lane Rose is an outstanding variety. With its exquisitely perfumed, large blush flowers, this quintessential English climbing rose will cert


Showing all 18 results

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