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Family gifting rosesScented Roses

Find glorious scented roses here at English Roses! Hand selected for the very best fragrance, this collection of scented roses are sure to fill your garden with colour, life and love.

It is impossible to think of roses without it bringing to mind their incredible perfume. Some are more fragranced than others, so here you will find the roses we have selected for having the best rose scent.

Eco-Friendly Perfumed Roses

Delivered in compostable packaging and grown in peat-free compost, our scented roses are not only beautiful, they’re kind to the environment too! Our gift wrap options are reusable and recyclable too; no single use plastic here! Attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects, these perfumed roses are sure to enhance any garden for years to come.

Highly Scented Roses For Gifts

Not just a feast for the eyes, highly scented roses are a delight for all the senses! There’s not many presents better than a bouquet of flowers, but why stop there? With our living gifts you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers long after the bouquets will have faded. Send as a gift and enhance the garden of your loved one; strong scented roses are the sustainable way to show your love!

Birthdays, anniversaries, and all kinds of celebration, will all be enhanced by our strong scented roses. A sustainable living gift, that can be cherished for years to come.

If you want a strong and fruity fragrance, then Chandos Beauty Rose may be perfect for you! This award winning rose is not only gorgeous to look at, but a delight to smell too! Ideal for a wedding or anniversary present, it is also a favourite of cut displays, ensuring the joy can go on.

The rich scent of Golden Perfume Rose will surround you as you stand under arches and arbours smothered with this blooming climbing rose. Ideal as a housewarming gift, making any garden come to life with its glorious sunny blooms and heavenly fragrance.

Buy Roses With Fragrance UK

English Roses is the very best place to buy scented roses! We offer fast and affordable national UK delivery, with next day and named day options also available. Simply select the rose you want to send, add customised gift wrap via our easy step-by-step selections, and we do the rest! Gift-ready roses, delivered straight to the door! Send directly to your recipient or deliver to yourself so you can have the joy of personal gift giving. It really is gifting made easy!

Perfect Rose Gifts

Make your scented rose even more special by choosing it to be planted in our beautiful willow baskets! Expertly planted by our specialist rose care team, your rose will be patio ready in its durable yet attractive basket. Simply choose your rose and follow the on screen prompts, and we do the rest! A stunning way to present your roses, it is sure to be cherished by friends and family.

Not sure which scented rose to get as a gift? Why not choose from our range of gift cards and letterbox gifts. Our letterbox gifts give the recipient everything they will need to choose and grow a rose of their choice, all sent in a beautifully packaged box. Or, choose and personalise a thoughtful e-gift card for an instant and hassle-free gift!

Still not sure about the perfect rose? Contact us and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise!

Need help with your fragranced rose order? Just get in touch and our friendly team can put it right – we’re here to help!

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In StockHello Gorgeous (Fryyoubet)

Hello Gorgeous Rose


Add elegance and beauty to any outdoor space, with the wonderful Hello Gorgeous Rose! Its soft pink flowers release a heavenly fragrance, living up to its name and sure to be loved by all who see it.

In StockSweet Child Of Mine Rose

Sweet Child Of Mine Rose


Add elegance and beauty to any outdoor space, with the wonderful Sweet Child Of Mine Rose! The full cupped flowers release a lovely almond and aniseed scent that can be enjoyed all summer. Long after

In StockClimbing Blue Moon Rose

Climbing Blue Moon Rose


Let the Climbing Blue Moon Rose grow tall and bloom into beautiful scented purple flowers. The lilac-mauve petals and glossy foliage creates a stunning, fragrant display. Perfect for arches, arbours,

Powerful fragranceIn StockTimeless Cream Rose (English Roses)

Timeless Cream Rose

Timeless Cream Rose is a stunning variety, sure to bring a classic elegance to any outdoor space with its creamy apricot blooms. The large, full flowers have a rich and captivating fruity fragrance th

Powerful fragranceIn StockTimeless Charisma Rose close up

Timeless Charisma Rose


Timeless Charisma Rose is well named - a vivid rose full of personality and charm! The full and shapely flowers are an eye-catching deep pink, and keep their colour well. They have an enchanting rich

In StockDeep Secret Rose open

Deep Secret Rose

Deep Secret Rose is a stunning, award winning rose that is sure to become a firm favourite in your garden. Deep red, velvety blooms have a strong, rich fragrance that will fill the air all summer long

In StockProper Job Rose

Proper Job Rose


Enjoy the stunningly scented rich red blooms of Proper Job Rose. This delightful, old-fashioned style rose has full ruffled red petals that bloom brightly all summer long. With a strong, sweet fragran

In StockCompassion Rose

Compassion Rose

Whether you are choosing a gift to send or buying for your own sentiment, Compassion rose will bring lasting comfort, joy and colour to any garden year after year. As this rose bursts into life with i

In StockThe Anniversary Rose

The Anniversary Rose

A Wedding Anniversary is important to be celebrated, so why not give a lasting gift that will bring joy and colour to their garden year after year. 'The Anniversary Rose' bursts into life with its glo

In StockTo My Wonderful Husband

To My Wonderful Husband Rose

This stunning red rose is the perfect gift for your husband. Its bright red blooms and rich scent are a fantastic addition to any garden, a real delight for all the senses. Ideal for birthday, anniver

Rose of the Year 2021In StockBelle de Jour Rose

Belle De Jour Rose

Translating to "Beautiful Day" in English, this stunning variety was named of Rose Of The Year 2021. The masses of old-fashioned shaped flowers are deep yellow with hints of orange, and have a strong

In StockPerpetually Yours Rose (English Roses)

Perpetually Yours Rose


Perpetually Yours Rose is the ideal gift to send to your soulmate. This climbing rose will cover arches and arbours with masses of highly scented, beautiful flowers. Cream coloured with hints of lemon

In StockDuchess of Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall Rose

Show your love with this outstanding rose, The Duchess of Cornwall. The large flowers are pleasantly fragranced, thus making this rose a wonderful addition to any garden. The salmon-orange colour is u

Bee Friendly!In StockEyes for you Rose

Eyes For You Rose

This beautiful rose is a true eye-catcher! Stunning pale lilac, open flowers reveal a rich purple centre and golden stamens. The rich fragrance is especially attractive to bees and other pollinators,

In StockBelle Rives Rose

Belles Rives Rose


The bold cerise pink flowers of Belles Rives Rose are both eye-catching and elegant - well deserving of its alternative name 'Stiletto Rose'! It was named after the Belles Rives art deco hotel on the

In StockBirthday Boy

Birthday Boy Rose

Send love to the Birthday Boy with this specially named rose! Beautiful big blooms in a rich magenta repeat flower from early in the season. With their rich and sweet scent, and large singular blooms

Bee Friendly!In Stock

Lucky Rose


A multi-award winning rose, Lucky Rose is a stunning addition to any garden. Huge clusters of lilac pink semi-double blooms are produced in abundance all through the season. A delightfully fragranced

In StockRed Parfum De Provence Rose

The One And Only Rose

Stunning to look at and glorious to smell, this rose has it all! The One And Only Rose produces large flowers in a gorgeous deep red. The powerful fragrance is a classic old rose scent, captivating an

In StockScentimental Rose

Scentimental Rose

Send Scentimental Rose to a loved one, and let them know how you feel. Ideal for any occasion, this rose will bring a splash of colour to the garden, a perfect living gift or even a treat for yourself

In StockMamma Mia Rose

Mamma Mia Rose

This stunning award-winning rose goes by the name of Mamma Mia. The glowing coral-orange blooms are sure to brighten up any garden, bringing their superb fragrance with them. Long after the bouquets h

In StockSheila's Perfume Rose

Sheila’s Perfume Rose

Sheila's Perfume Rose is one spectacular rose! The glorious flowers are yellow in the centre with contrasting pink-red edges, that makes for a wonderful display. The strong perfume adds to the beauty,

In StockMargaret Merril Rose

Margaret Merril Rose

This beautiful rose embodies grace and elegance. Margaret Merril Rose has glorious white flowers with a pale blush centre - just a hint of colour! The large blooms are held in clusters, and they have

In StockAdorable Parfuma Rose

Adorable Parfuma Rose


Bring delightful colour and fragrance to any garden space with the stunning Adorable Parfuma Rose. Producing an abundance of violet pink flowers all summer long, this wonderful variety will be enjoyed

In StockFruity Parfuma

Fruity Parfuma Rose

As the name suggests, Fruity Parfuma Rose boasts a glorious strong fruity fragrance! Deep pink with shades of red, this wonderful variety has rounded, loose ball shaped flowers that are produced in sm

In StockRoyal Parfuma Rose

Royal Parfuma Rose

Royal Parfuma rose will bring class and elegance to any outdoor space! The gorgeous old fashioned shaped flowers are a deep purple-red, and have an incredible fragrance. The rich perfume is sweet and

Powerful fragranceIn StockGolden Bouquet Rose (English Roses)

Golden Bouquet Rose


This stunning rose would be a wonderful addition to any garden. With its golden yellow flowers and rich, sweet scent, this rose is sure to be a favourite of all who see it. Perfect for sending to frie

In StockGolden Showers Rose

Golden Showers Rose

Celebrate special occasions with a gift that will be remembered. Golden Showers Rose is a wonderful choice to help a special couple celebrate their wedding anniversary. This rose would be perfect for

Rose of the year 1987In StockRoyal William Rose

Royal William Rose


This classic rose was named Rose Of The Year 1987, and is still just as popular today! The deep red flowers and rich scent make this stunning hybrid tea variety a joy to have in the garden. Perfect fo

In StockLucy In The Sky Rose

Lucy In The Sky Rose


Lucy In The Sky Rose is an outstanding climbing variety. Watch in delight as the magnificent pink blooms emerge in the spring; the large, old-fashioned rosette-shaped flowers making a statement for al

In StockFragonard Rose

Fragonard Rose


Elegant and beautiful, this Fragonard Rose makes an incredible gift! Its pure pink blooms are large and produced on strong single stems, making it an ideal choice for cut displays. The strong fragranc

Bee Friendly!In StockA Whiter Shade of Pale Rose

A Whiter Shade Of Pale Rose

Flowers of the palest pink grace this gorgeous rose in abundance. With its strong fragrance also appealing to pollinators, it is sure to fill your garden with life and joy. Healthy and easy to grow, A

Rose of the year 2002In StockSimply the Best Rose

Simply The Best Rose

Simply The Best Rose really is THE BEST! This is a multiple award winning rose, meaning it has come out on top in numerous trials. With its beautifully shaped, burnt orange double flowers and superb s

In StockMum in a Million Rose

Mum in a Million Rose

With its masses of beautiful pink flowers, this generously flowering rose is a perfect gift for any mum. The strong, sweet rose perfume is sure to delight, and make this a favourite as it blooms in th

In StockAs Good as it Gets Rose

As Good As It Gets Rose

As Good As It Gets really lives up to its name. How about sending as a housewarming gift, so that the new garden can get off to a great start. Or even a birthday gift for an avid gardener, a statement

In StockKorresia Rose

Korresia Rose

Bring colour to your garden with the stunning Korresia Rose! With its bright yellow flowers and rich scent, this incredible rose is sure to be a favourite! Perfect for sending to friends and family fo

In StockRosemary Harkness Rose (English Roses)

Rosemary Harkness Rose

This bright and cheerful rose is sure to be a favourite in any outdoor space! The pinky-peach flowers have a stunning sweet fragrance, making them a delight for all the senses. Perfect as a gift for a

In StockHappy Golden Wedding (Rose)

Happy Golden Wedding Rose

A Golden Wedding Anniversary is one to be celebrated, and what better way than with specially named rose! Let the glorious golden flowers bloom year after year as a memento of that special occasion. B

Powerful fragranceIn StockScentsation Rose

Scentsation Rose

Living up to its name, this rose really is a sensation! Stunning multi-toned flowers have shades of pink, peach and creamy gold that blend into an incredible display. Not only beautiful to look at, bu

In StockTwice in a Blue Moon

Twice In A Blue Moon Rose

Twice in a Blue Moon will make a striking feature in any garden. The unusual lilac blooms are strongly scented, and seem to be rarely out of flower. A wonderful rose to behold, it is also ideal for cu

In StockFab @ 40 Rose

Fab @ 40 Rose

What better way to celebrate a 40th Birthday, than with this stunning Fab @ 40 Rose! Its soft pink flowers and wonderful scent is a delight for all the senses, as it blooms in the garden year after ye

In StockNostalgia Rose

Nostalgia Rose

Celebrate times gone by and wonderful memories with this living gift. A stunning rose, Nostalgia produces large and shapely blooms with a white centre and cherry red edges. Free flowering, this rose p

In StockThe Enchantress

The Enchantress Rose

Send The Enchantress Rose to an enchanting lady in your life! Whether a birthday gift, anniversary celebration, or just an "I love you" present, this charming flower says it all. Fragrant and beautifu

In StockMy Lovely Mum Rose

My Lovely Mum Rose (aka Keep Smiling Rose)

This stunning yellow rose goes by the name of My Lovely Mum, or alternatively Keep Smiling. The sunny golden blooms are sure to brighten up any garden, bringing their glorious fragrance with them. Lon

In StockOne in a Million Rose

One in a Million Rose

A stunning gift for that someone special, One in a Million Rose stands out from the crowd. The full, rich red blooms have a large petal count, and a rich fragrance; a true delight for all the senses.

In StockPeace Rose

Peace Rose

The Peace rose is one of the most famous roses in the world. Producing exquisite pink-tinged yellow flowers with a sweet scent, flowering in flushes through summer and early autumn. A wonderful gift f

Gold Standard Award WinnerGardeners Glory Rose

Gardeners’ Glory Rose

This Gold Standard Rose truly is a Gardeners Glory. Wonderfully fragrant yellow flowers bloom repeatedly through the season, creating a delight for all the senses. An outstanding rose, this would make

Powerful fragranceIn Stock

Timeless Pink Rose

The beautiful flowers of Timeless Pink Rose are graceful and elegant. Large and full, they are a soft pink with just a hint of an apricot flush, and keep their colour well. The enchanting perfume is r

Flora Colonia Rose

Flora Colonia Rose

Flora Colonia Rose is best known for its powerful fragrance, having won many awards. Reminiscent of frangipani and ylang ylang, it has sweet and spicy notes which are stronger in the evening. Beautifu

Rose of the year 2017In StockScent from Heaven Rose (English Roses)

Scent From Heaven Rose

Award Winner Rose of the Year 2017, Scent From Heaven is an incredible rose. The highly scented,  large flowers are a striking orange, and flower freely throughout summer and autumn. This climbing ro

In StockFragrant Cloud Rose

Fragrant Cloud Rose

Fragrant Cloud Rose really is as the name suggests! The rich damask perfume produced by these wonderful blooms creates a pocket of exquisite fragrance around the rose, captivating and unique. The flow

In StockNaomi Rose

Naomi Rose

This beautiful and striking rose has exceptional double blooms, strong fragrance and a beautiful name to go with it! The 'Naomi' rose would make a lovely meaningful gift for someone with the name Naom

In StockScented Memory Rose

Scented Memory Rose


Scented Memory Rose is a wonderfully fragranced variety that would make an incredible gift for friends and family, or even a treat for yourself! The apricot flowers have pink blends, and are produced

Gold Standard Award WinnerIn StockPink Perfection Rose

Pink Perfection Rose

The ideal gift for anyone who loves a pink rose! This Gold Standard Award winner has stunning soft pink blooms, and a strong fruity fragrance that has hints of lemon. With its strong, straight stems a

In StockSpecial Anniversary Rose

Special Anniversary Rose

What better way to celebrate that special anniversary, than with this specially named Special Anniversary Rose! The ideal gift for wives, husbands, or couples, this rose will bring joy for years to co

In StockSpecial Mum

Special Mum Rose

Send your Mum smiles over the miles with this treasured living gift. Special Mum Rose will enchant the recipient with its glorious pink flowers and lovely rich scent. Perfect as a gift for any occasio

In StockSpecial Occasion Rose

Special Occasion Rose

A real joy to behold, Special Occasion Rose is the perfect gift for friends and family, no matter what the celebration. The beautiful coppery apricot blooms are strongly scented, and produced in abund

Golden Perfume Rose, yellow bloom with green leaves

Golden Perfume Rose


This delightful climbing rose would make a stunning gift for friends and family. With its bright and sunny flowers, and captivating strong scent, it is sure to be a favourite in any garden. Train over

Gold Standard Award WinnerChandos Beauty Rose

Chandos Beauty Rose

Chandos Beauty Rose is a truly gorgeous rose, well deserving of its Gold Standard status! With its strong fruity fragrance, and beautiful blush flowers, this rose is sure to be a favourite of all who

In StockCream Happy Birthday Rose

Cream Happy Birthday Rose

Send Cream Happy Birthday Rose for a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. With its stunning flowers and rich scent, it would make a wonderful addition to any garden. Watch as it blooms year afte

Gold Standard Award WinnerIn StockRachel Rose

Rachel Rose

This Gold Standard Award winner really stands out from the crowd! The glorious flowers are a multi-toned delight of cream, yellow and peach on a pink base, blending together in an unrivalled display.

In Stockremembrance

Remembrance Rose


Remembrance Rose is a respectful and sustainable way to pay tribute to a life lost. Developed to have a bright red colour evocative of the Flanders Poppy, it was named specially for the Commonwealth W

Bee Friendly!In StockRhapsody In Blue Rose

Rhapsody In Blue Rose

Rhapsody In Blue Rose is winner of Rose Of The Year 2003, and is still a firm favourite! The stunning flowers are a rich purple, that fade to slate blue with age - the closest you'll get to a true 'bl

In StockLove and Peace Rose

Love And Peace Rose

A wonderful gift for any occasion, or even for just treating yourself, Love and Peace Rose is eye-catching and memorable. Friends and family are sure to be wowed by the striking colours and glorious s

In StockLovely Parfuma

Lovely Parfuma Rose (aka Summer Romance Rose)

Classic and elegant, Lovely Parfuma is a stunning rose, also known as Summer Romance. With a strong and pleasant scent, its old fashioned shaped, soft pink flowers are reminiscent of English Roses. Th

In StockBliss Rose

Bliss Rose


With its full double blooms that are enhanced by the dark green foliage, Bliss Rose is a rose that stands out. The perfectly cupped, creamy peach flowers, have a rich and fruity scent, which is strong

Powerful fragranceIn StockTimeless Purple double

Timeless Purple Rose

Rich in both colour and fragrance, Timeless Purple Rose makes a fantastic garden rose and also a wonderful cut flower. The Timeless collection of roses have been specially developed with exceptional c

Yellow Happy Birthday Rose

Yellow Happy Birthday Rose


Yellow Happy Birthday Rose is a magical gift to send for every birthday celebration. Fragrant and bright, it creates a wonderful display and will delight all who see it; a celebration of that special

Multi-Award WinningIn StockPerfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony Rose


Show your loved one that the two of you are in Perfect Harmony with this glorious rose! An ideal gift for weddings or anniversaries, this stunning rose will be eye catching in any garden. Alternativel

In Stock Sale! Pompadour RoseSale!

Pompadour Rose

Flamboyant and beautiful, just like the Marquise de Pompadour and the hairstyle named after her! Pompadour Rose is a showy hybrid tea variety, with the large and frilly blooms reminiscent of the curle

In StockPrecious Memories

Precious Memories Rose

Let Precious Memories shine as a beacon in the garden for years to come, eternalising those thoughts you hold dear. Masses of pink blooms are produces from early summer all the way to the first frosts

In StockCharlie's Rose

Charlie’s Rose


Named after the gardener Charlie Dimmock, this hybrid tea is an impressive variety. The stunning flowers are cherry pink with a silvery reverse, which creates a magnificent display as they appear over

In StockHopes and Dreams (Tan14833)

Hopes and Dreams Rose


Add Hopes and Dreams to any garden and your summers will be full of these elegant lilac blooms! Their exquisite fragrance is rich and sweet, with hints of honey and damask, sure to captivate all who w

In StockPure Poetry Rose

Pure Poetry Rose


This striking rose is sure to be a favourite of everyone who sees it. Pure Poetry Rose has large magenta blooms and a rich, intoxicating scent, with hints of anise and honey. Eye-catching to look at a

In StockDiamond Days Rose 1

Diamond Days Rose

What better way to celebrate a Diamond 60th milestone than with this stunning rose! Perfect for a diamond wedding anniversaries or a 60th birthday, this rose will sparkle in the sunshine year after ye

In StockThe Diamond Wedding Rose

The Diamond Wedding Rose


Celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary in style with the incredible Diamond Wedding Rose! All summer long the stunning white flowers will bloom brightly in celebration, seemingly sparkling in the sunshi


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