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Memorial Gifts For Loved Ones

From sadness let new life bloom, with our range of remembrance roses and memorial gifts for loved ones.

Plant a rose in memory of a special person and let the beautiful blooms shine brightly in their memory year after year. Choose from our handpicked selection of beautiful memorial and remembrance gifts to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Memorial roses make a respectful and lasting tribute to those you have lost. Remembrance roses also create a special place in which to reminisce peacefully and connect to nature. Sincere and meaningful, the rose will remind all who see it of that beloved person for years to come.

Expertly selected to cover a range of options and situations to help you find the perfect rose. Roses with significant names, particular colours, or highly scented; you are sure to find the ideal memorial gifts for loved ones. With each rose as unique as the next, they make the perfect lasting tribute to a unique life lost.

Memorial Gifts For Loved Ones

Roses can stand as a living legacy to that special person, as they thrive from year to year. Plant in their memory and have a tangible connection to that dearly loved person. Blooming brightly, remembrance roses will eternalise the memories you hold dear and serve as symbols of life.

Every spring is a reminder that brighter days are ahead, as the new growth appears and the rose comes to life. Beaming in their memory year after year, the bright colours, soft petals and heavenly scents of each remembrance rose will help to bring comfort and closure.

With many varieties to choose from, we will have perfect memorial gifts for any garden. From the compact patio rose to large climbing roses, any garden can have the beauty of a remembrance rose.

Red Remembrance Roses

Traditionally red roses are the colour for remembrance, as seen in our stunning Remembrance Rose. This particular variety was developed to have colouring similar to the evocative Flander’s Poppy, and named specially for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Loving Memory Rose is also a glorious red rose, ideal for memorial gifts. Bold and striking, the red flowers will catch the eye and thus ensure your lost loved one is never forgotten.

If red is not the colour you want, we have plenty of options to choose from. Nostalgia Rose is a stunning two-toned variety that is perfect to reminisce with, while the glorious yellow of Guardian Angel Rose will shine brightly in their memory. Ultimately, if memorial gifts are sent from the heart, the colour matters little.

Specially Named Remembrance Roses

All rose varieties have a unique name, and many lend themselves perfectly to memorial gifts. Whatever the sentiment you wish to share, we have the rose to help you say it.

Scent From Heaven Rose is a glorious orange climbing variety, whose strong fragrance will fill the garden as it climbs high above in a lasting tribute to your lost loved one. Golden Memories Rose is a stunning yellow rose, sure to eternalise those special memories you hold dear.

For roses in memory of family members, we also have varieties with names such as Special Dad Rose and My Lovely Mum Rose. These memorial gifts are sure to create a special place in the garden for remembrance and reflection.

Eco-Friendly Bereavement Gifts For Loved Ones

Delivered in compostable packaging and grown in peat-free compost, our roses not only make beautiful memorial gifts, they’re kind to the environment too. Our memorial gift wrap options are also reusable and recyclable; no single use plastics here. Attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects, these remembrance roses are sure to enhance any garden for years to come.

Long after the bouquets have faded, this living rose will still be thriving. Let the blooms can bring comfort year after year as you know that the memory of that special person will never be lost. Sustainable and eco-friendly, these long lasting memorial gifts are to be cherished. Out of sadness let new life bloom, a lasting symbol of a life loved.

Sympathy Gifts Delivered UK

Here at English Roses, we don’t believe in making things harder than necessary, especially at a time of grief. That’s why we offer fast and affordable national UK delivery, with next day and named day options also available. Ideal for sending memorial gifts in a hurry, or selecting the appropriate date for it to arrive.

With our separate billing and shipping address options, we make it easier than ever to send comfort over the miles. Let a loved one know they are in you thoughts at this hard time, even if you can’t be there in person. A free gift message is available on every order, for you to write your heartfelt words. We also offer various gift wrap options to make these memorial gifts personal and meaningful. Simply select the rose you would like, add the options you would like via our simple step-by-step selections, and let us do the rest.

Our roses are securely packaged in our specially designed parcels, so we are confident they can travel the country and still arrive in top condition. Full tracking is available through our delivery partner DPD, and you’ll be kept informed every step of the way. For more information on our delivery policies, please see here.

Thoughtful Rose Gifts

Make your memorial gifts for loved ones even more special by choosing it to be planted in one of our beautiful willow baskets. Expertly planted by our specialist rose care team, your rose will be patio ready in its durable and presentable basket. Simply choose your rose and follow the on screen prompts, and we do the rest. A stunning way to present your roses, it is sure to be cherished by friends and family.

Not sure which rose to get as a memorial or remembrance gift? Why not choose from our range of gift cards and letterbox gifts. Our letterbox gifts give the recipient everything they will need to choose and grow a rose of their choice, all sent in a beautifully packaged box. Or, choose and personalise a thoughtful e-gift card for an instant and hassle-free gift.

From sadness let new life bloom, with our range of memorial gifts and remembrance roses.

Still not sure about the perfect memorial gifts for loved ones? Contact us and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise.

Need help with your remembrance roses order? Just get in touch and our friendly team can put it right – we’re here to help!

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